Kreloff Equity Partners is a private equity investment company that invests in early stage businesses with exceptional people behind them. We typically structure our investments as private equity or convertible debt/preferred. We like early stage companies that require relatively modest amounts of capital to achieve critical proof-of-concept milestones and typically invest in businesses that are scalable. 

We are committed to generating outsize gains for our investors. Investments are structured on a deal-by-deal basis with a separate entity formed to capitalize each project. 


We have consistently delivered excellent returns on our capital by focusing on businesses that deliver higher than average margins.  We prefer to invest in businesses that have 1) low variable costs (we prefer high fixed-cost businesses that generate high incremental margins once break-even revenue is achieved), 2) require low levels of capital to achieve proof of market and break-even and 3) have products or services that have price integrity because they are either considered necessities or luxuries.

We avoid businesses that have no socially redeeming purpose, take advantage of the uninformed or uneducated or have a low value proposition.

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